Banking Fess and Charges

New Schedule of Banking Fees and Charges
effective June 1, 2011.

Transaction New Services Fees
Deposit/Investment Products
Passbook Savings, Cool Savers, ATM Access Savings, Regular Checking account
   Early Closure P 500.00
   Early Closure (ATM Savings) P 500.00
   Below Maintaining P 500.00
   Dormant P 500.00/month
   Replacement of Lost Passbook/ATM Cards P 110.00
ChequeMax/ChequeMax Rewards
   Early Closure P 500.00
   Below Maintaining P 500.00
   Dormant P 500.00
   Replacement of Lost Passbook/ATM Cards P 110.00
   Checkbook request - Personal
P 175.00
P 350.00
   Early Closure P 550.00
   Below Maintaining P 550.00
   Dormant P 500.00
   Checkbook request - Corporate
P 350.00
Dollar SA
   Early Closure US$ 5.00
   Below Maintaining US$ 5.00
   Dormant US$ 5.00
   Replacement of Lost Passbook/ATM Cards P 110.00
Service Charge on Returned Checks
   For the presenting bank P 1,000.00
   For the drawee bank P 1,000.00
Penalty Charge on RCOCI P 200.00*
(*penalty charge of P200.00 is imposed for every P 40,000 and a fraction thereof per check/day)  
Checkbook - Personal Checks P 175.00
Checkbook - Commercial Checks P 350.00
Money Transfer/Remittances
Foreign Telegraphic Transfer
   Incoming US$ 5.00
   Outgoing US$ 10.00
Phil. Domestic Dollar Transfer (PDDTS)
   Incoming US$ 5.00
   Outgoing US$ 10.00
Sale of Traveler's Checks 1.10%
Out of Town Checks P 120.00
Demand Draft
(USD 5k & up - plus $15.00)
US$ 6.00
Other Services
ATM Fees (Using Other Bank’s ATMs – BancNet, Expressnet & Megalink)  
   Cash withdrawal P 10.00
   Balance Inquiry P 1.00
Manager's Check (per check) P 50.00
Bank Certification P 120.00
Printed Transaction History Request P 100.00/First 5 Pages
P 5.00/Succeeding Page
Safety Deposit Box Rental (per year)
   5" x 5" x 24" P 1,000.00
   5" x 10" x 24" P 1,500.00
   10" x 10" x 24" P 2,500.00
Cash Access Prepaid Card new/replacement fee P 110.00

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