Personal Banking


Personal Loans

The EastWest Bank Personal Loan is an unsecured and non-collateralized consumer loan that is granted to qualified individuals for their personal use. It is payable in fixed equal monthly installments.

Product Features :

  • −   Multi-Purpose
    • Travel/Vacation
    • Tuition Fee/School Expenses
    • Credit Card Payment
    • Appliance/Furniture Purchase
    • Medical Expenses
    • Bills Payment
    • Car Accessories/Repair
    • Home Improvement/Renovation
  •  And much more…
  • −   Low interest rates!
  • PL Rates Table with Effective Interest Rates (EIR)

    Carded Segment
    Tenor Nominal
    Factor Rate Contractual
    Interest Rate
    Interest Rate*
    12 months 1.49% 0.0982333 31.51% p.a. 40.56% p.a.
    18 months 1.59% 0.0714556 33.54% p.a. 42.13% p.a.
    24 months 1.59% 0.0575667 33.19% p.a. 41.00% p.a.
    36 months 1.69% 0.0446778 34.01% p.a. 41.49% p.a.

    Non-Carded/Limited Card Segment
    Tenor Nominal
    Factor Rate Contractual
    Interest Rate
    Interest Rate*
    12 months 1.89% 0.1022333 39.53% p.a. 51.99% p.a.
    18 months 1.89% 0.0744556 39.39% p.a. 50.47% p.a.
    24 months 1.89% 0.0605667 38.85% p.a. 49.01% p.a.
    36 months 1.89% 0.0466778 37.53% p.a. 46.44% p.a.

    * Based on a Loan Amount of Php100,000 and Processing Fee of Php1,500. Per BSP Circular No. 730, EIR is the rate that exactly discounts estimated future cash flows through the life of the loan to the net amount of loan proceeds. It is the rate that best measures the true cost of credit.

    To Compute for the Monthly Installment
    Principal Loan Amount x Factor Rate = Monthly Installment

  • −   Short processing time (Processing of application will take 3 to 5 banking days. Release of loan proceeds to
          the client will take another 2 banking days for pick up and 2 to 4  banking days for the delivery and deposit
          to account option.)
  • −   No collateral and co-maker needed!

Minimum Loan Amount – Php25,000
Maximum Loan Amount – Php 2 Million

Mode of Payment
– Post-dated checks shall be issued by the client prior to release of his/her loan proceeds.

Release of Loan Proceeds

  1. Pick up at the Head office:

    The bank will release the loan proceeds by issuing a Manager's Check. The client is required to pick up the check from the head office of EastWest Bank at the 1st Floor, The Beaufort, 5th Avenue corner 23rd Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila.

  2. Delivery and Deposit to Account:

    A messenger will deliver the loan documents to the client's delivery address for sign-off and pick up the Post-Dated Checks. Requirements will be returned to the head office. If all requirements are complete, the loan proceeds will be deposited to the client's account.

    *Delivery option is available for selected areas with a minimal delivery fee.

Please call 888-1700 from a Metro Manila landline or toll free at 1-800-1888-8600

Application Requirements

  • −   Must be a Filipino citizen
  • −   Must be at least 21 years old and not more than 65 years old upon loan maturity
  • −   Must have at least one landline number (either home or business) and a mobile number.
          (Mobile number will not be accepted as a stand-alone contact number)
  • −   Gross monthly income (GMI) must be at least PhP15,000 or annual income of not
          less than PhP180,000

Documentary Requirements

  • −   Completely filled-out and signed EastWest Bank Personal Loan Application Form
  • −   Photocopy of one (1) valid photo-bearing digitized I.D.'s from the list below:
    • Company I.D.
    • Driver's license
    • Philippine Passport
    • Professional Regulation Commission I.D.
    • SSS or GSIS I.D.
    • BIR I.D.
    • Unified GSIS I.D.

    * Original I.D.should be presented upon release of loan proceeds

  • −   Proof of Income as follows:

          If employed, submit the following:

  •      −     Photocopy of BIR FORM 2316/W2 (Tax Withheld)
  •      −     Photocopy of Latest one month payslip
  •      −     Valid credit card reference or latest Statement of Account of the existing
                 credit card
  •      −     Original copy of Certificate of Employment stating salary and position*

          *For those employed under Embassies or Tax-Exempt Companies

  •       If self-employed, submit:
  •      −     Latest ITR and Audited Financial Statements
  •      −     Latest Statement of Account of the existing credit card
  •      −     DTI Registration Certificate**
  •      −     SEC Registration Certificate (with page attached reflecting total shares owned
                 by the applicant)***

          ** For Sole Proprietary Businesses
          *** For Partnerships and Corporations

  •       Additional supporting Docs may be required for further verification:
    • −   Proof of billing

Please fax your supporting documents to (02) 575-3831 or (02) 325-2377 to complete your application.

Requirements upon Pick-up of Loan proceeds

  1. Original Copy of documents submitted (to be presented only).
  2. Two (2) Valid ID's
    • One to be presented to the lobby Guard of the building
    • One to be presented to the EastWest Bank Loan Releasing Unit as ID verification
  3. Post Dated Checks – Fully accomplished and signed

Requirements for Delivery and Credit to Account option

  1. Photocopy of one (1) valid ID (submitted upon initial application) with 3 specimen signatures
  2. Original Copy of documents submitted (to be presented only).
  3. Post Dated Checks – Fully accomplished and signed

Fees and Charges

  •         −   Loan Processing Fee – Php1,500
  •         −   Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) - PhP1.00 for every PhP200.00 of the approved
                  loan amount or a fraction thereof for PNs greater than PhP250,000
  •         −   Delivery Fee – will vary depending on the location (for delivery and credit to account option)
  •         Note: Above fees shall be deducted from the loan proceeds of the client.