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EastWest Peso Money Market Fund

ChequeMax Rewards

This is a reward earning checking account that comes with a record book, a debit card and a checkbook. An account holder earns reward points for every P5,000 increment above the required average daily balance, which can then be used to redeem gift certificates. Enjoy these benefits starting at P100,000 only.

Product Features

Minimum Initial Deposit P 100,000 (Individual & Corporate)
Maintaining ADB P 100,000 (Individual & Corporate)
Interest Earning Balance P 100,000* (Individual & Corporate)
Interest Rate N/A
Withholding Tax 20%
Fund Access Over-The-Counter
Philippine ATMs and Visa Plus ATMs    worldwide (limited to individual cardholders    only)
EastWest Online
Visa-accredited merchants worldwide (for    accounts linked to a Debit Card)
Visa-accepting online merchants globally
Evidenced by a Checkbook and Passbook
(comes with Debit Card for Individuals)

*Minimum Balance to Earn Rewards Points


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