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Super Saver

Super Saver is a savings deposit account that pays interest in increasingly higher amounts as the account balance increases.

This savings account also gives a 0.75% bonus interest rate on top of the regular rate within the calendar month, which will only be awarded if the account did not record any customer initiated debit transactions such as but not limited to cash withdrawal, fund transfer, purchase and bills pay for the month.

Product Features

Minimum Initial Deposit P 500,000
Maintaining Balance P 500,000
Interest Earning Balance P 500,000
Interest Rate
Deposit Amount Rate p.a
P 500,000 - P999,999 0.125%
P 1,000,000 - P 4,999,999 0.375%
P 5,000,000 - P 9,999,999 0.50%
P 10 Million and up 0.75%
Bonus Interest 0.75% p.a
Withholding Tax 20%
PDIC Coverage P 500,000
Evidenced by a Passbook and Debit Card
Fund Access Over-The-Counter
Philippine ATMs and Visa Plus ATMs worldwide (limited    to individual cardholders only)
EastWest Online
Visa-accredited merchants worldwide
Visa-accepting online merchants globally
Dormancy Charge
(Applied to dormant accounts 5 years and above AND balance falls below the minimum monthly ADB)
P30.00 per month
Please refer to the Banking Fees and Charges Table for other fees and charges.


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