EastWest Home Loan Application Requirements


  • Borrower must have identifiable, regular, stable & legitimate source of income. Applicant, co-borrower and mortgagor must be of legal age, at least 21 years old and not more than 65 years of age upon maturity of the proposed loan.

    must be continuously employed in a legitimate & established institution for at least 2 years

  • OFW / OCW
    nature of work must be under the category of professional & technical jobs and continuously employed abroad for at least 2 years

    business is legitimate, registered, stable & profitable for the past 2 years


    1. Co- Borrower
      • Majority Stockholder Business Papers
      • SEC Registration
      • Articles of Incorporation
      • By-Laws
      • General Information Sheet Income Documents
      • ITR 1700 w/ Audited Financial Statements for 2 years
      • Bank Statements Trade References (Optional / As needed)
      • Clients
      • Suppliers

Basic Documentary Requirements

  1. Duly Accomplished Housing Loan Application Form
  2. Income Documents
    • If Locally Employed
      • Certificate of Employment w/ Compensation [COEC], indicating position and length of service
      • Latest Income Tax Return [ITR]; must show employer’s authorized signatory
    • If OFW – Direct Hire
      • Original COEC w/ original 3 months payslips; or
      • Original COEC w/ original 6 months proof of remittances; or
      • Consularized Certificate of Employment w/ Compensation [COEC]
    • If OFW Seaman
      • Crew Contract validated by POEA
    • If Self-employed
      • Business Registration [SEC/DTI]
      • Latest Income Tax Returns [ITR] for the last 2 yrs, all pages
      • Latest 3 months bank statements w/ authorization to conduct bank verification
      • List of trade references (at least 3 suppliers and 3 customers w/ telephone numbers and contact persons]
    • If Practicing Doctors
      • Clinic Address/es and schedules
    • If from rental of properties
      • Rental/Lease Contracts [indicating name of tenants and rental amounts w/ complete addresses of properties being rented]
      • Photocopy of title (Condominium Certificate of Title [CCT] /Transfer Certificate of Title [TCT]) of the leased property; must be under the name/s of the borrower/s
    • If from transport business
      • LTO Certificate of Registration[CR] & Official Receipts [OR]
      • LTFRB Franchises
    • If from Commissions
      • Proof of Commissions, Vouchers or bank statements [for the last 6 months reflecting commissions]
    • If Purpose is Refinancing/Loan Take out
      • Latest Statement of Account from Mortgagor
      • Proof of payment for the last 6 months [Official Receipts or cleared checks with Bank Statements or Ledger]
  3. Collateral Requirements
    • Clear copy of title for collateral [CCT/TCT], all pages
    • Appraisal Fee Official Receipt [OR]
    • Tax declaration on land and on building [if applicable]
    • Vicinity map/ sketch map
    • Tax Declaration on improvement (for condominium)
  4. Additional Documentary Requirements
    • For Construction/ Renovation:
      • Building or renovation plans
      • Bill of Materials
      • General Specifications or Scope of work [if renovation]
    • For Accredited Developers:
      • Contract to Sell [CTS]
      • Payment Ledger
      • Purchase Application Form/ Buyer’s Information Sheet

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