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I certify that all information and the supporting documents I submitted in connection with this application are complete, true and correct, and the signatures therein are genuine.

I authorize EastWest, its agents and service providers to conduct inquiries on the information and documents I have provided with any source as it deems appropriate and to have access to information and records relating to me contained in any government or private records, including but not limited to tax, employment or financial records and to secure copies thereof.

I consent to the use and disclosure by EastWest of information relating to me, my application and my transactions with EastWest, to any of its subsidiaries and affiliates, agents, members of the Filinvest Group of Companies, its third-party service providers, other banks, credit card companies, financial institutions, banking, financial and credit associations, credit information bureaus and their equivalent, for use in connection with EastWest's exercise of its functions or for any business purpose (including but not limited to sales and marketing, credit investigation and collection, information technology systems, data processing and storage and statistical and risk analysis purposes).

I consent to the disclosure by EastWest of information relating to me to any of its subsidiaries and affiliates and the members of the Filinvest Group of Companies to enable the latter to offer their products, programs and services directly to me.

I agree that such disclosure or exchange of information shall not be the basis of any claim against EastWest or the parties to whom EastWest makes the disclosure.

I allow EastWest, at its discretion, to grant or extend to me its products and/or services, including but not limited to credit and/or debit products and facilities.

I agree and authorize EastWest to send promotional advertisement of its products and/or services to me through mail, short messaging services, multimedia messaging services, electronic mail and other forms of telecommunications, unless I expressly notify EastWest otherwise.

I agree and authorize EastWest to send my credit card Statement of Account to my e-mail address on record, unless otherwise indicated.

I understand and agree that EastWest may be required to report my account/s and transaction/s including the handling thereof, to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Anti-Money Laundering Council, Bankers Association of the Philippines, credit information bureaus or any other central monitoring body.

I understand and agree that should my credit card application be approved, my card may be delivered activated, unless otherwise specified. In case my application is disapproved, I acknowledge that EastWest is not obliged to advise me of the disapproval and the reasons thereof. I understand that my application and supporting documents submitted to EastWest will not be returned to me.

For purposes of this authority to verify and disclose information, I waive confidentiality of any such information relating to me under applicable confidentiality and data privacy laws, rules and regulations.

My submission of this Application Form shall also constitute as my written request for the availment of other product/s of EastWest such as, but not limited to, other credit cards, loans, credit facilities, etc. Should I be qualified for such other EastWest product/s based on the information provided herein, I am willing to submit all other necessary requirements for the product/s applied for, if necessary.  By submitting this Application Form, I am also consenting to the sending of offers of other EastWest product/s at my address/es indicated herein at any time.  I further request that product offers be sent to me by mail, email, text, call or thru any other means.  I understand that my use/availment of such other EastWest product/s will be solely at my option.